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Q1: Drinking cups may be refilled at the fountain machine because it will not contaminate the machine. True or False.

A1: False

Q2: I can carry my cell phone around with me while I work. True or False.

A2: False. Cell phones are not clean surfaces. Each square inch of your cell phone contains roughly 25,000 germs including E. coli and influenza. These illnesses are health department mandated to remain home from work. Cell phones must remain out of the work area and put away. If you touch your phone, you must wash your hands before returning to work.

Q3: Slicers and can opener must be cleaned
A) After every use
B) At end of shift
C) At end of day

A3: A) After every use

Q4: Items must be ___________ off the floor A) 2 inches B) 3 inches C) 6 inches D) 7 inches

A4: C 6 inches

Q5: Raw foods should always be stored above Ready to Eat foods. True or False.
A5: False. Raw foods are always stored BELOW Ready to Eat foods.

Q6: Surfaces do NOT need to be cleaned & sanitized prior to food prep if a cutting board is used. True or False.

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