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Trivia Game 1

Q1: At what temperature is the children’s cheeseburger served?
A1: Well done or 155 degrees

Q2: Cups can be stacked wet as long as they are clean. True or False.
A2: False. Cups must be dry before stacking.

Q3: How many hours do you have to reheat food such as soup, gravy, etc. to 165 degrees?
A3: 2 Hours

Bonus Q1: Once heated to 165 degrees, what’s the holding temperature?
Bonus A1: 135 degrees

Q4: Cooks are allowed to prepare food without a system generated ticket as long as the server advises the food is for a customer. True or False
A4: False, unless it’s a reorder for an AUCE event or requested by David/Pam.

Q5: How often do you wash spatulas, cutting boards, tongs, knives, etc. that are being used?
A5: Every 4 Hours

Q6: How often does the can opener get cleaned?
A6: After every use

Bonus Q2: How many seconds can food be on the floor before you can no longer serve it to customers?
Bonus A2: Food cannot be served if fallen on the floor. Food must be thrown away.

Q7: Do you need to date a bag of lettuce when it’s opened?
A7: Yes, all leafy greens need to be dated when opened

Q8: Bleach water can be used on food prep surfaces as long as the concentration is very strong. True or False
A8: False, too much bleach can cause chemical contamination

Q9: Which sinks can be used to wash produce?
A9: The left & middle sinks in the 3 compartment sink in the kitchen

Bonus Q3: black olives are a main ingredient for items under the south of the border. True or False
Bonus A3: False

Q10: The handwashing sinks can be used with food prep. True or False.
A10: False. Handwashing sinks may NOT be used for food prep, handwashing ONLY.

Bonus Q4: Aprons can be worn into the bathroom as long as you hang up on the stall door. True or False
Bonus A4: False. Aprons CANNOT be worn into the restroom.

Q11: How long do you keep date marked items?
A11: 7 days, Today + 6 days

Q12: A drink or dessert can be given to a customer before the item is entered on a ticket. True or False.
A12: False.

Q13: When new food is prepped, the new food can be placed on top of the old food and update the date sticker to the newest date. True or False.
A13: False. New food must be placed in a new container with that days date.

Q14: What is wrong with this picture?


A14: If the line coolers are not in constant use then lids should be used to keep temperature. Labels with Dates are required to be placed on side of each container.

Q15: Foods in the cooler are stored on shelves based on cooking temperatures. True or False
A15: True.