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Trivia Game 2

Q1: When food is thrown away, it should be added to the Waste Log. True or False
A1: True

Q2: Slicer & large cutting boards need to be A) Washed B) Washed & Rinsed C) Sanitized D)Washed/rinsed/sanitized
A2: D) Washed/rinsed/sanitized

Q3: What is the cooking temperature for sausage and brats?
A3: 155 degrees F

Q4: Meat and poultry does NOT have to be completely thawed before smoking. True or False.
A4: False

Q5: Raw eggs (french toast mix) can be stored on the top shelf. True or false.
A5: False

Q6: You do not have to wash your hands after handling raw hamburger if you put on gloves before touching other foods. True or False.
A6: False

Q7: What’s the cooking temperature for eggs?
A7: 135 degrees F

Q8: 8. When cooking in the microwave, how many minutes do you leave food in microwave before checking temperature?
A) Check immediately
B) 1 minute
C) 2 minutes
D) 3 minutes
A8: C) 2 minutes. Microwave’s don’t heat evenly. Cook then leave in microwave for 2 minutes then check temperature